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October 6, 2016

Hurricane Matthew

Large Storm Temp

Gaining category 5 status in the Atlantic Ocean, Hurricane Matthew’s impact was most widely felt throughout Caribbean countries. By the time it reached the United States, it had veered from its course enough to avoid striking Florida with a direct hit.

Its outer bands, whipping winds to the tune of a category 1 hurricane, still bashed the coastline from Central Florida to North Florida, Georgia and parts of North and South Carolina before spinning back toward sea.

Although it made landfall as a category 1 hurricane on September 28, 2016, Matthew’s impact was major. It hit parts of the Southeastern U.S. that aren’t all too familiar with powerful hurricanes. It damaged structures and other property, downed powerlines and trees and took the lives of 47 people along it devastating route.

After the storm had settled and damage had been surveyed, Matthew was responsible for $10 billion in destruction throughout four states.